African Adventures Foundation is always raising money in one form or another…

Regular Giving

Supporters that donate to us monthly allow us to plan ahead with the project co-ordinators we work with and distribute grants for the much-needed upkeep and expansion of the projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. Regular giving is the best way for the Foundation to make long term development.

Regular Giving
Fundraising events

Throughout the year, AAF supporters will, either individually or as a group, take part in events to raise funds by way of sponsorship or sales. This could be physical challenges like marathons, football tournaments, climbing Mount Kenya or walking large distances.

Fundraising events
Campaigns / Appeals

We also fundraise is by organising larger events or appeals. Some of these happen annually, while others are one-off, or reactive, meeting the needs of a particular project, country or event. We outline a few of these below but if you think you’ve got a particularly good idea, just get in touch.

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100% of your donation goes to our partner projects in Africa

raised in our Christmas Meal Appeals (2014-2017)
Raised at our Fundraising Dinners (2015-2017)
Raised for The Big Build Kenya (2015-2017)

The Big Build Kenya

Build a New Primary School at The Walk Centre

The Walk Centre, set up by teachers Alex and Patricia Maina, started out as a pre-primary school, providing a free education and food to 350 children from the Hilton Slum in Nakuru. Up until 2017, once the children reach the age of seven, children had to leave The Walk Centre and move to a government school in the local area to continue their education. The Walk Centre has been covering any associated costs with them attending government school, including any resources needed.

However, the dream in 2015 was to continue the good level of care and education that The Walk Centre provides to the children past the pre-primary stage by constructing an independent Walk Centre primary school.

Changing the Future for a Generation of Kenyans

Teaming up with Chichester College to raise the funds, the new school was the biggest building project that African Adventures and African Adventures Foundation had ever taken on. The primary school had its official opening ceremony in August 2017.

The new school has 10 classrooms, an office, a toilet block and a school hall, and will provide a quality education to thousands of underprivileged young Kenyans over the coming years.

What’s Next?

Following the incredible achievement of building a new permanent primary school for The Walk Centre in summer 2017, African Adventures Foundation and Chichester College have teamed up once again to build a new on-site kitchen to make it easier for the catering team to cook breakfast and lunchtime meals for students.

The project’s current semi-permanent kitchen (made from iron sheets) was moved last spring to accommodate the new school block and is in disrepair. Ventilation is poor and space is limited, so it is difficult for chef Moses and the team to turn around such a huge volume of meals – up to 500 – on a daily basis.

The new kitchen, which will enable the project to re-install its energy-saving cookers, will cost £7,500 to build.

74% funded
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As part of The Walk Centre’s wider plan to enhance opportunity in Hilton through education, Alex and Patricia’s vision was to construct a Walk Centre primary school, which the pre-primary school students would attend after graduation.

A new independent feeder school would enable the Centre to avoid having to pay for eight years of school fees at nearby government schools whilst
maintaining its core values and mission statement.

The Walk Centre primary school would offer free education to children from the Hilton slum, whilst subsidising the running costs of the school through modest fees paid by children from wealthier backgrounds to create a high-quality, high-achieving centre for academic excellence. This would also avoid relying on external organisations and donors to fund the school, ensuring it would become a self-sustaining educational institution.

The Centre would continue to receive support from the African Adventures Foundation and The Walk Centre UK charities in order to help cover the costs of the feeding programme.

Furthermore, The Walk Centre’s ability to offer better social services to the community would be greater because of the number of residents attending.

Over the course of the Big Build, Chichester College where hugely involved in raising funds. They held fire walks, bake sales, sky dives and much more.

Shelagh Legrave OBE, chief executive for the Chichester College Group said: “I am so very proud of the staff and students at Chichester and Brinsbury.

“We always say our aim is to change lives through learning – and the herculean efforts that went into making the Big Build happen epitomises everything we stand for.

“To give children living in conditions we can’t begin to imagine the opportunity to learn, to be educated – something we take for granted here – is absolutely amazing.”

Our Fundraising - The Big Build Kenya - Josh Skinner Memorial FundThe Josh Skinner Memorial Fund, set up in memory of a Chichester College student who passed away in 2005, also supported the college’s fundraising efforts by sponsoring a classroom which was painted by college volunteers – including Josh’s parents – in August to bring the project to a fitting conclusion.

African Adventures Foundation gave the Big Build centre stage at its 2017 Foundation Fundraising dinner as well as organising a sky dive and an attempt to climb Mount Kenya. That latter was unfortunately delayed when BA’s systems went down over the days the team were due travel out to Kenya but some of the team, including African Adventure’s own Claire Mew, plan to complete the climb in 2018 with the proceeds going towards the new kitchen at The Walk Centre.

Move For The Walk was a brilliant opportunity for UK school pupils to take on a challenge as a team, participate in a fun activity that promotes health and well-being and learn about how they can make a positive contribution to the world around them.

Move for The Walk raised over 4,800 for The Big Build, Kenya.

Sports students at Chichester College organised two fundraising events for Move For The Walk, and raised an impressive £2,321.18 between them. One group participated in a Football Marathon lasting eight hours, the exciting match ended 60-59 and was only decided on sudden-death penalties. The other group coordinated a variety of sports activities including tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, dodgeball and rounders. Both teams did really well to raise awareness of the Move For The Walk campaign!

The Big Bike RideThe Big Bike Ride – a 1,200km cycling challenge through the Rift Valley from Nakuru, Kenya to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The team of five cyclists, including African Adventures Director, Dan Mew, set off on Sunday 6th August on their 11-day journey across Kenya and Tanzania.

The team had to cope with challenging terrain, poor road conditions and unpredictable weather at the tail-end of Kenya’s rainy season. However, this was not going to deter them, everyone kept in good spirits and the whole team successfully reached Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania as planned on Wednesday 16th August.

The Big Bike Ride raised and incredible £11,841.17!

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Sue Lewin - The Big Build KenyaWe would like to give special thanks to the late Sue Lewin, who very generously donated £10,000 towards The Walk Centre primary school build, before her passing in 2017. Sue was a dear friend of Eddie McGaw, who is a longstanding volunteer and friend of The Walk Centre, and admired Eddie’s charitable work in Kenya and his local community. The donation has facilitated the construction of an entire new classroom, as well providing educational resources for the school, which will serve as a permanent reminder of Sue, and her generosity.

Our Sponsors

Our Fundraising - The Big Build Kenya - Osborne

Our Fundraising - The Big Build Kenya - Chichester College

Our Fundraising - The Big Build Kenya - Josh Skinner Memorial Fund

Foundation Fundraising Dinners

For several years the Foundation has run annual Fundraising Dinners which allow its supporters and volunteer alumni the chance to get together, look back at some of the incredible work they achieved that year, an ultimately raise a significant amount of money. With the success of The Big Build Kenya, The Big Bike Ride and huge effort that went into organising and completing these milestone events the Foundation team decided to not hold a Foundation dinner in 2018. Hopefully this break will allow us to plan something extra special for 2019, which will mark 10 years since Foundation Trustee Dan Mew set up African Adventures.

An amazing £6863.05 was raised at our 2017 fundraising dinner, and this money will make a huge difference to the development of our partner projects in Africa. Held on Saturday 6th May at St Mary’s Stadium, the fundraising dinner was attended by a mixture of volunteers, supporters, friends and family, and had a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone fully embraced the 1920’s theme, and there were some incredible outfits sported on the night, not to mention some excellent music and singing provided by Holly de Villier.

Included as part of the evening’s entertainment, guests were treated to a lovely three-course meal along with a luxury raffle and silent auction, with prizes such as wine tours available to win and even an African Adventures trip up for grabs for the right price. A big portion of the amount raised will help to complete the construction of The Walk Centre Primary School; a huge project to deliver a continued, quality education for thousands of children in Kenya over the coming years.

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Our Events - African Adventures Foundation Fundraising Dinner

On Saturday 23rd April 2016, the African Adventures Foundation held its second annual fundraising dinner, this time in the Mike Channon suite at St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton.

Our 2016 Foundation fundraising dinner at St. Mary’s Stadium raised an amazing £12,000.00!

The ‘black tie and posh frocks’ dinner included a 3-course meal, silent auction, raffle, live music and dancing, local bands and a DJ.

In 2015, our inaugural fundraising dinner raised an amazing £10,000 for our partner projects. The evening, held at The Ageas Bowl in Southampton, included a 3-course meal, live music from Junction 13 and Kwame & Friends, a luxury raffle and a silent auction.

Here are a few examples of what this money helped to fund:

  • A new birthing bed at Tegbi Clinic in Ghana – Every little improvement helps to provide a more comfortable birthing environment at Tegbi Clinic. We will continue to make this clinic better and safer for the Tegbi community.
  • A new toilet block, complete with a septic tank at Love For All in Kenya – Vast health and sanitation improvements have been made to Love For All School with the provision of these new toilet facilities. This is the first project in the local community to have a toilet system of this kind.
  • A paved playground at The Walk Centre, Kenya – The new paved playground at The Walk Centre has worked wonders at this project. It not only looks smart but brings improved safety to the school site. The dust can now be cleared off daily so the children are not carrying it around on their clothes and breathing it in. The children absolutely love the paved area too!

Christmas Meal Appeals

Every November, since 2014, African Adventures Foundation has run a Christmas Meal Appeal to fund Christmas parties for every child at our partner projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. Thanks to your help, we have been able to raise £11,500 over the previous campaigns and deliver meals to thousands of children.

In 2017, we thought we would try something a bit different. African Adventures, who cover all of the Foundation‘s running costs, allowing us to send 100% of donations to the projects, donated a luxury Christmas hamper, which we raffled off to our fantastic supporters to help us reach our target.

The campaign raised an impressive £2,109.44


Christmas Meal Appeal 2016In 2016, our  Christmas Meal Appeal raised an astonishing £2,962.00!

Our partner projects in Kenya finished their schooling year in line with the government curriculum programme at the end of October 2016. With the schools finishing much earlier, some schools decided to give away Christmas food parcels for the children to take home. At The Walk Centre, Mama Kerry project and Hadassah project, more than 200 families received food parcels.

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Christmas Meal Appeal 2015Our 2015 Christmas Meal Appeal built upon the great work of it’s previous campaign and raised a record-breaking £4,202.75! The funds from the Appeal ensured that every child at each of our partner projects received a Christmas meal and party.


Christmas Meal Appeal 2014On its first Chirstmas Meal Appeal, African Adventures foundation raised an impressive £2400!

“This year, our party at The Walk Centre was bigger and better than ever. It is amazing to see the support from our volunteers at Christmas time. God bless our volunteers and supporter of African Adventures Foundation.” Fred Egesa, Project Co-ordinator, The Walk Centre, Kenya.