2015 – The Fundraising Begins

Dan and Lisa decide to start The Big Build Kenya to achieve Alex and Patricia’s vision.

“African Adventures and Chichester College have been working together since 2010, offering students the opportunity to volunteer at The Walk Centre in Nakuru, Kenya. Since this time, over 200 volunteers have spent time teaching at The Walk Centre, enriching their own personal development whilst giving back to a disadvantaged community that thrives on their support. The African Adventures Foundation is delighted to partner with Chichester College to help realise the dream of delivering this ambitious project. Their commitment is unparalleled and we look forward to welcoming further sponsors to help change lives in Nakuru.” Dan Mew – Chairperson, African Adventures Foundation

“Chichester College are delighted to be partnering the African Adventures Foundation to build a school for this incredible project. Our mission as a College is to change lives through learning and the school build will do that for years to come and goes a small way to thanking the Walk centre and African Adventures Foundation for changing the lives of all the staff and students who have volunteered over the last 5 years and who will volunteer in the years to come.” Lisa Humphries – Student Experience Manager, Chichester College